My name is Jason Stewart. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a husband, daddy, and friend. I was born to a middle-income, unchurched family in Spring Valley, CA (San Diego). While growing up I played sports and did a lot of camping and fishing. I met my wife Lyndsey in a home fellowship at Horizon Christian Fellowship located in San Diego. We were married in September of 1999. After twelve years of waiting upon the Lord, we were blessed with our son, Jeremiah, who was born in October 2011, almost 10 years to the day that doctors said we would never have ​children!
I have been blessed to be in pastoral ministry since 2002. I have also served as a faculty member of the Horizon School of Evangelism, a ministry training school, where I taught an Evangelism/Discipleship course for 6 years (‘02-‘08). To help fulfill my passion for writing, I was also blessed to serve as one of the staff writers for Got Questions Ministries in (2013-2014). I did my undergraduate work at Horizon Bible Institute in San Diego (2003), and received a Master of Divinity from APU (2008). My wife Lyndsey received her Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from SDSU in 1995.
One of my greatest desires is to see lives transformed by allowing the Word of God be the ultimate authority in our lives, letting the Spirit of God have ultimate control over our lives, making Jesus our great aim in life, and by living with God’s glory as our great purpose in life.
I hold the highest regard for Scripture, and have an immoveable conviction to its truth, its ability to transform the human heart, and restore broken lives. And because of these firm convictions, I give my best effort to preach and teach the Word of God with deep conviction and faith that God is going to use it to penetrate the hearts of all who hear it (Isaiah 55:11).​
As Senior Pastor at Bible Fellowship Church, it is also my desire to encourage and further equip the staff team at BFC, invest in the future leaders of the church, and inspire the church to fulfill the vision that God has given to Bible Fellowship Church (Love God, Love One Another, Serve the World). It is also my desire to encourage and inspire the members of Bible Fellowship Church to live life fully for God, to walk in love, live by faith, and experience the joy of the Lord in their life.

In the community I am blessed to be involved in the Pastors' Prayer Fellowship. The Pastor's Prayer Fellowship meets weekly and seeks to bring local pastors together for encouragement, prayer, studying the Scriptures together, and finding ways to unite churches together in the surrounding areas.

I began this blog site initially, as a vehicle to help fulfill my love for writing and my passion for reaching the lost, and by God's grace it has become an effective tool to minister to hundreds of thousands of believers and unbelievers alike all across the world. In fact, the Gospel Tracts that are located on the MENU bar under "EVANGELISM" have been designed to penetrate the hearts of those who do not know Jesus. God has blessed this ministry by allowing me to distribute tens of thousands of these tracts across the country and the world, to plant seeds into the hearts of the lost. In fact, one mother and daughter felt compelled to send one particular gospel tract to every student at Texas A-M University. I actually received some hate mail over this! The Lord has opened up the doors for me to equip the church for the work of Evangelism at the Horizon School of Evangelism (2002-2008), at various churches, youth camps, men's retreats, and Bible Colleges throughout the years. I was even invited to speak to churches in the middle-east.

I hope that you will be blessed and encouraged by the articles that are on this blog, and that God will use it to help inspire you to continue running the race of faith and fighting the good fight for Jesus.

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